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L.M. Montgomery fans unite!

L.M. Montgomery fans
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This community is for talking about anything and everything to do with L.M. Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables and many other novels. Her books, her short stories, her journals, her poetry, the many TV shows and movies based on her works, and any other LMM-related topics are all completely open for discussion.

There are only a few rules, some of which should ideally go without saying but many times do not.


1. An off-topic post every now and then will be tolerated, but the majority of posts must relate to L.M. Montgomery in some way.
2. No harrassment of members in any way. In other words, if you have to say something negative to a person, don't get nasty about it.
3. Do NOT disable comments on any post. It defeats the purpose of a community if no one can respond to anything said in entries.
4. Do not advertise any communities here unless their subject matter relates to L.M. Montgomery.

If you break a rule once, I will give you a warning; if you break that rule again, I will ban you from the community. I also reserve the right to ban trolls (people who join solely to insult or irritate other members) if they appear.

With that said, come join in and have fun chatting! :)