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Emily of New Moon Episode Question

Hi! I was just wondering what episode it was of Emily of NM where they have a broken fence and a raccoon gets in and hurts Emily's cat, Pandora? I distinctly remember seeing one like that when I first started watching the show. I know it kills an animal because Emily insists on burying it and sending it off with a hymn. I'm just curious whether it's in season 1 or 2. I have both of them on DVD.

I just was wondering which season that episode was in and what it was called.
Thanks i nadvance!
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Season 1. I can't remember which episode, but it's pretty early in the season. I think it's a chicken that they bury with the hymn.
Wait, what? There's an Emily of New Moon tv series??! Where, when and by who? Is it any good? I think I need to sit down.
Yes, yes, yes, and YES! It's awesome! In fact, it's how I was first introduced to the show and books! I LOVE it and I have season 1 on DVD! I used to have Season 2, but I have to get another copy.
You should def check it out though!